Facilitated Communication is a technique by which a trained professional, a facilitator, supports the hand, arm or shoulder of an individual with communication impairments. This method assists the person with the impairment to either point to or press the keys of a communication device. If successful, the individual who was previously unable to communicate can then do so through typing or spelling out words. There is controversy surrounding the use of FC, especially with regard to whether the facilitator or the individual with autism is the true source of the typed messages. Research studies suggest that the facilitator may be unknowingly directing the person's hand or arm.

Visit the Autism Society’s site on FC for more information.  Download your free copy of Adobe Acrobat in order to read this PDF file.

"The Continuing Realization of a Dream Too Many Would Choose to Have Deferred Or When the Walls Finally Crumble" Sharisa Joy Kochmeister ~ There has been much controversy on Facilitated Communication.  Read Ms. Kochmeister's moving account of how FC opened up a new world of understanding for her in order to understand the other side of this issue.

3: November 21, 2001