In this section we will present some information about biomedical interventions  as they apply to the investigation and treatment of autistic spectrum disorders. Topics include gastrointestinal issues, allergies, and metabolic issues, exposure to neurotoxins, vaccine injury, dietary and nutritional protocols, chelation, medications, and other areas pertinent to diagnostics and treatment protocols for individuals with autism.

Some individuals with autism exhibit low tolerance for and/or allergies to a variety of different substances including yeast and gluten products. While there are no rigorous scientific studies to support the idea that dietary modification is effective in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of autism, some professionals and many parents have reported changes in a child's behavior.  The use of large doses of particular vitamins is also a treatment some parents have used with their children. The vitamins were reported to affect particular behaviors of an individual with autism such as attention span. For more information, read ASA's "The Effects of Diet" information sheet. (Note: in order to read this paper, you will need Adobe Acrobat; to download for free, please click here)

3: August 12, 2002